Nestled in the small, unassuming town of Stull, Kansas, lies a cemetery that has gained an infamous reputation as one of the most haunted places in America. Stull Cemetery is often referred to as a “Gateway to Hell,” shrouded in eerie tales and supernatural lore that have fascinated and frightened visitors for decades.

Origins of the Legend

The legend of Stull Cemetery’s haunted nature dates back to the 1970s. Stories began to circulate that the cemetery was a site of occult activities, including Satanic rituals and witchcraft. It was claimed that the devil himself visited the cemetery twice a year: on Halloween and the spring equinox.

Key Legends and Superstitions

  1. The Devil’s Visit: One of the most persistent tales is that Satan appears at the cemetery to visit a witch buried there, or to plot his next moves in the mortal world.
  2. The Gateway: The cemetery is rumored to house a hidden staircase or portal that leads directly to Hell. Those who find and descend the staircase are said to never return.
  3. The Haunted Church: An old church near the cemetery, which has since been demolished, was believed to be a hub for paranormal activity. It was said to be impervious to rain, with mysterious lights and sounds emanating from it.
  4. Vanishing Graves: Visitors have reported seeing gravestones disappear and reappear, adding to the cemetery’s mystique.

Investigations and Skepticism

While these legends have fueled the cemetery’s notoriety, there is little concrete evidence to support the supernatural claims. Paranormal investigators and skeptics often attribute the tales to local folklore, misinterpretations, and the power of suggestion. Despite this, the legend persists, and many continue to visit Stull Cemetery in search of a glimpse into the paranormal.

Cultural Impact

Stull Cemetery has captured the imaginations of many, inspiring books, articles, and even mentions in pop culture. For instance, the band Urge Overkill and the TV series “Supernatural” have referenced the cemetery. The site has become a pilgrimage spot for paranormal enthusiasts, especially around Halloween.

Local Response

The increased attention has led to concerns among locals, who often discourage visitors due to the disruption and potential for vandalism. Law enforcement has been known to patrol the area, especially during peak times like Halloween, to prevent trespassing and maintain order.


The legend of Stull Cemetery as a gateway to Hell remains one of Kansas’s most intriguing and eerie tales. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal or a skeptic, the stories surrounding this cemetery offer a fascinating glimpse into local folklore and the enduring power of myth. For those brave enough to visit, Stull Cemetery continues to be a place of mystery and wonder, shrouded in the shadows of the unknown.

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